Name What You Want

Explore your mind and really figure out what it is that you want. You must know it and believe it to achieve it.

Claim What You Want

Once you decide what it is that you want, you have to claim it as if it already is yours!

Get What You Want

Once you've named it and claimed it, you're only a simple process away from getting what it is you want.

Name It, Claim It & Get It!

The Secret Behind the Secret

- Alex Cordebard
Shawannah knows what she is talking about as she is someone who walks the walks and talks the talk. Knowing her personally and seeing the results that she's achieved in her life is nothing short of incredible!

- Business Owner

– Rivien Murphy

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it will achieve, but first of all you must have visualizeU. This technique is excellent; it pinpoints you towards your goals. I have found great success in following Shawannah Bordenave’s techniques!

– Cam Murphy

VisualizeU is a lifestyle and has allowed me to take control of my destiny! So thank you, Shawannah and the entire VisualizeU team!

- Angela Meryl
Using "My Goal Board" confirms and reaffirms where I’m going and what goals I have completed successfully. It's amazing. Looking at My Goal Board and feeling the energy reminds me on a daily basis what I want to attract in my life. That “Its all Possible” and to “Visualize Daily” "I am a Warrior " I am “Unstoppable” Some say it’s magic I say it’s the Universe giving you what you’ve asked for because you’ve done everything in your power to claim it!!! It works

        - Actor

- Carmen King
Shawannah is my life long friend of 30 plus years. She introduced me to her goal boards in 2007. I have many testimonials of how things have materialize using this powerful tool & per sticking to her program. Everything she taught me I have done and my goals have become a reality. I continue to work towards new achievements with deadlines as my life continues to grow.
- Business Owner & Inspirational Speaker
Francine Meyberg

I went to a VisualizeU workshop and was amazed at how easy it was to dream and goal set. I started to do things I wanted and I posted it on My Goal Board and no matter how small or how big, they all came true. I even reunited with my wonderful daughter. Get a goal board it works.

- Real Estate

Name It, Claim It and Get It!

In this book you will learn the key secrets to naming what you want, claiming what you want and getting what you want. Life transformation will come easy as you read this simple formula that has been used by the successful for centuries.

You are who you are because of your belief system and systems are hard to fight; especially if it is you who are setting it up. You are challenged throughout the book to go into your subconscious to get rid of the limiting, learned thoughts and beliefs; substituting them out with new positive beliefs that only you can agree with. Get the key steps to eliminating the negative self-chatter, which will ultimately change your belief system to one of choice. Our thoughts control our behaviors, but we control our thoughts.

Our learning begins as a baby, learning from our parents, teachers, siblings, friends and bosses. Sometimes we end up with a false belief system that was never ours to begin with, they belonged to the others. After reading this book hopefully you will meet the person you already knew existed. Past negative experiences do not belong to us. DELETE it to live the life that is meant for you.

Your belief system matters, what you believe in your heart plays an important role in getting what you want out of life. Looking for life change? Looking for things to happen your WAY? These are key steps to getting what you want.

People who have followed this course have raved how simple and easy it is. Stop living the life of chance and begin living the life of choice as you follow these simple steps to:

NAME IT, CLAIM IT AND GET exactly what you want from life.

Who Is Shawannah Bordenave

Shawannah Bordenave is an American life coach, motivational speaker, Goal Board creator, and expert real estate investor. She is well known for helping people achieve their goals by utilizing The Goal Board, inspiring individuals to implement a plan of action to make their dreams a reality. Shawannah often delivers motivational jump start your life speeches to organizations sharing key principals, and can definitely assist your success. She shares the many secrets to creating the life you want through goal setting.

Some of the things that are included are the following: • Getting rid of Negative Self-Chatter • Learning the Key Habits to Making and Setting Goals • Understanding your WHY? • Implementing a Plan of Action • Utilizing the Universal Law of Attraction to manifesting your goals into reality • Utilizing the Ultimate Tool "The Goal Board" • Unleashing the greatness in understanding the only Limits are the ones we choose These simple, powerful, and effective tools are guaranteed to help you achieve your goals. Not ONLY will it jumpstart your success TODAY, but goal setting sets the foundation for the rest of your life.